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Members Gone But Never Forgotten

Errol Williams, an inspiring documentary filmmaker who championed underdogs and earned acclaim for his narrative on the NHL's first African-Canadian player, died suddenly in July, 2007.

Williams, a respected storyteller who grew up in Fredericton after emigrating from Guyana in his teens, was devoted to his craft. He was a treasured and well respected alumni member of the New Brunswick Filmmakers’       Co-operative based in Fredericton, NB. Williams worked up until two weeks ago when he fell ill and was admitted to hospital in Barbados. He had been receiving treatment for leukemia.

Tony Merzetti, Executive Director of the NB Film     Co-op, met Williams in 1987 when he walked in the door, eager to get involved. From the first meeting, he left an indelible mark.

"From the way he spoke and the things he knew, you could tell he was someone who would do deep films, films with relevance and deep social impact," said Merzetti.