Outside the Box: New Brunswick Film Tour

Outside the Box: New Brunswick Film Tour

Outside the Box: New Brunswick Film Tour: A selection of outstanding films screened at the Silver Wave Film Festival

Origin of the Silver Wave Film Festival
Due to a lack of exhibition opportunities for local media artists to showcase their work, the New Brunswick Filmmakersʼ Co-op launched a provincial film screening event in 2001 called the Silver Wave Film Festival. The initiative received universal acclaim from participants delighted at the audience engagement with their work and the collegial nature of the gathering of filmmakers from around the province.

Call for Submissions process
The programming for the festival takes place in several phases. A call for submissions is sent out 8 months prior to the event. In addition to the submitted films, programmers also invite films to be part of the festival. The mission of the festival is to showcase the best New Brunswick films, and at least 50% of the films screened each year are produced within the province. Although it might be more advantageous to invite celebrated films from away and build an audience from films that already “sell themselves”, the Silver Wave takes pride in celebrating our own local stars, and nurturing a culture of “local films first”. This strategy has taken hold, as the most popular films at the festival are not the films from away, but rather the locally made works. The programming for the past few Silver Wave Film Festivals has included a diverse selection of films from across the Province including short dramas, comedies, documentaries, animations and experimental films.

Film Tour Project
Outside the Box is a provincial film tour comprised of the best films screened at the Silver Wave Film Festival over the past 5 years. The tour has been made possible by a grant from the Province of New Brunswickʼs Department of Tourism, Heritage and Culture and through the generous support of local sponsors in the communities hosting these screenings with us.

New Brunswick Filmmakersʼ Co-op
Besides undertaking the annual Silver Wave Film Festival, the Film Co-op is also involved in many other filmic activities. It offers film-training workshops in Fredericton, Saint John and Moncton. It houses a full range of professional filmmaking equipment available to its membership base, which spans the entire province. It carries out several production programs including a 48 hour film competition and provides cash grants and equipment deferrals to projects year-round. Based in Fredericton, the Co-op is eager to help emerging and established filmmakers produce locally-based films, and see the development of thriving communities in all corners of the province.

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Outside the Box: New Brunswick Film Tour is produced by the New Brunswick Filmmakers’ Co-operative with funding from the Province of New Brunswick

Special Thanks: Rebekah Chassé, Department of Tourism, Heritage & Culture, Province of New Brunswick