Title Yearsort descending Film Type (Format) Producer
The Dollmaker2011Short Drama (HD)Paul Angers
MacBeth 2011Feature (HDSLR)Chris Giles
A Saturday Affair2011Short DramaBronweN
The Night2011Feature Drama (Digital)Global Universal Pictures
Killing Ruth: The Snuff Dialogues2011Feature (35mm)Cinegraphe Productions
Hold Fast 2011Short Drama (HD)Arthur Thomson
Boxface2011Short Drama (HD)Joel Thompson
Hobo with A Shotgun2011Feature Drama (Digital)Yer Dead Productions
Gamers: A Love Story2011Short Comedy (HD)Britany Sparrow/Sparrowhock Productions
Second Hand Smoke2011Short DramaJoel Thompson
The Report Card 2011Short Comedy (HD)Red Leaf Productions
Bliss Carmen: Divine Force of Nature2011Short Drama (16mm Film)Montelibretti Pictures
Bliss Carman: Divine Force of Nature2011Short Drama (Super 16mm)Montelibretti Pictures
The Editor2011Short Drama
Thanksgiving Wishes2011Short Comedy (HD)Denis Sweet
Sing, Muse!2011Short Comedy (16mm)
Snowflake2011Experimenal Short (16mm)Tim O'Neill
Délivrance2011Short Drama (HD)Danny Thebeau/Donovan Richard
Hello Ladassia2011Short Drama (HD)Nancy Lynch
King Lear 2011Feature (HDSLR)Bard in the Barracks
Songbird2010Short Drama (HD)Tim Rayne
Deliverance2010Short Drama (HD)Danny Thebeau/Donovan Richard
Earwigs2010Short Comedy (16mm)King Studios
The Dance2010Short Drama (HD)SoftLight Studios
Gamers: A Love Story2010Short Comedy (HD)
Strange Hobby2010Short Drama (HD)Sparrowhock Productions
Benoit2010Short Comedy (HD)Gigermanchero Films
Broke2010Short Drama
The Dollmaker2010Short Horror (Digital)Paul Angers
The Editor2010Short Drama (HD)Columbus Avenue Pictures
Landed2010Short Drama (HD)Stairwell Dwellers Productions
Door Yard2010Short Drama (HD)Fetal Film Productions
End of the Line2010Short Drama (HD)Michel Guitard
Super Geek Math Boy! 2010Short Comedy (HD)Bunthivy Nou
Plaster Rock2010Feature (RED)Global Universal Pictures
Hello Ladassia2010Short Drama (Digital)Nancy Lynch
Super Geek Math Boy!2010Short Comedy (HD)Bunthivy Nou
The Doll Maker2010Short Horror (Digital)Paul Angers
True Hollywood Romance2010Short Drama (Digital)Britany Sparrow
The Bench 2010Short Drama (16mm)Imagique Productions
Gamers - A Love Story2010Short Comedy (HD)Britany Sparrow/Sparrowhock Productions
American Sunset 2009Theatrical movie (Red ONE)Global Universal Film Group
A Dark Radius2009Short Drama
Venus in Flames2009Experimenal Short (16mm)Chris Giles
The Morning After2009Short Comedy (Super 16mm)Britany Sparrow
A Dark Radius 2009Short Drama (16mm Film)Shore Road Pictures
Manic Chiropractic2009Short Comedy (HD)Chris Fulton
A Saturday Affair2009Short Drama (Digital)BronweN
Super Math Geek2009Short Comedy (16mm)
Hopewell2009Short Drama (Super 16mm)Arthur Thomson
Birth of A Nicola2009Experimenal Short (16mm)Chris Giles
Plaster Rock2009Feature (RED)Global Universal Pictures
The Kings of Cribbage2009Short Comedy (Digital)Kitchen Fiction
Diplomatic Relations: Back in Your Arms2009Short Drama (HD)NB Film Co-op
Broke2009Short Drama (HD)Jillian Acreman
Forever Lost2009Short Drama (HD)Reel Films
Francis Sherman2009Short Drama (Super 16mm)Montelibretti Pictures
Kadence2009Short Drama (HD)Urban Scout Productions
P'tit Coeur2009Short Drama (HD)Productions Zephyr
Pray, My Children2009Short Drama (HD)Johnny Endeavour Film & Kang Production
Reminisce 2009Short Drama (Digital)Timeline Pictures
So Long, and Good Night2009Short Comedy (Digital)SoftLight Studios
So Long, And Good Night2009Short Comedy (Digital)SoftLight Studios
Diplomatic Relations: Hide and Seek2009Short Drama (HD)NB Film Co-op
Do-Gooders 2009Short Comedy (HD)Key Films
Dead to the World 22009CBC Short Drama (HD)Realm Productions Collective
Diplomatic Relations: The Butterfly Broach 2009Short Drama (HD)NB Film Co-op
Blue Seduction2009MOW (Red One Digital)Global Universal Film Group
The Apostles of Beauty2009Docu-drama (Super 16mm)Glendon McKinney
Sitansisk2009Short Documentary (Super 16mm/HD)Jonathan Collicott and Lloyd Salomone
Homerizon 2009Web CommercialHomerizon Inc.
Misdirection 2008Short Comedy (Super 16mm)Jeremy Robinson
Birth of a Nicola2008Experimenal Short (16mm)Chris Giles
The Cleanup2008Short Drama (HD)Pierre Huard
Blood Shed2008Short Horror (Digital)Kitchen Fiction/Unkie 666
Diplomatic Relations: Back in Your Arms2008Short Drama (HD)NB Film Co-op
Diplomatic Relations: Hide & Seek2008Short Drama (HD)NB Film Co-op
Diplomatic Relations: Butterfly Broach 2008Short Drama (HD)NB Film Co-op
Gruff & Ready2008Feature Doc (Digital)Montelibretti Pictures
Cell2008Short Drama (Digital)Doisey Films
A Lion's Tale2008Short Drama (Super 16mm)Bunthivy Nou
Ugly2008Short Drama (35mm)Timeline Pictures
The Night is Long 2008Short Drama (Digital)III Morn
Rebecca's Grave2008Short Horror (Digital)Red Leaf Productions
The Morning After2008Short Comedy (Super 16mm)Britany Sparrow/Sparrowhock Productions
Gamers' Manifesto2008Short Comedy (HD)Fetal Films
My Selfish Life 2008Short Drama (HD)Dark Night Pictures
Neverville: Pop 1012003Short Drama (16mm)Dawn Anderson
Casablanca AD 2003Festival AD (Digital)NB Film Co-op
Birthday Suit2003Short Comedy (Super 16mm)Roger Moore
Hobson's Choice 2003Short Drama (Digital)Sean Speake
A Dream of Life2003Short Drama (16mm)Conrad Steeves
Remembrance Day2003Short Drama (Super 16mm)Colleen Wagner
Nora's Sacrifice2003Short Drama (Digital)Derrick Powers
New Muse of Contempt 2003Short Experimental (3/4 video)Broken Jaw Press
Wallace Rupert Turnbull1997Vignette (16mm)NB Film Co-op and CBC
Witness to Yesterday1997TV SeriesCBC/Cinefile Productions
Gray Man2012Short Drama (HD)Pierre Huard
Too High2012Short Comedy (HD)Danny Thebeau
Buzz2012Short Drama (HD)Chris Fulton
Chopsticks2012Short Drama
S.W.I.T.C.H. 2012Short Comedy (HD)Imagique Productions
Soup Du Jour1999Short Drama (16mm)Tim Rayne
Stoning a Seagull1999Short Drama (16mm)Chris Bruce
Natural Remedy2001Short Comedy (Digital)Tony Merzetti & Tim Rayne
Natural Talent2001Short Drama (Super 16mm)Shellee Stevenson
Unseen Enemy2002Short Drama (Super 16mm)Tim O'Neill
The bay of love and sorrow2002Feature Film (RED)Anna Stratton
How to Date a Guy on Disability2002Short Comedy (Digital)Don Hughes
Projectionniste 1012005Documentary (Digital)O'Sullivan College
They Only Come Out at Night2005Short Drama (16mm)Glendon McKinney
La Cousine2005Short Drama (Super 16mm)Pierre Huard
They Only Come Out At Night2005Short Drama (16mm)Glendon McKinney
Chopsticks2013Short Drama (HD)Britany Sparrow
The Audition Process2013Short Comedy (HD)Actors Helping Actors
Copperhead2013Feature Drama (Digital)Swordspoint Productions
Curtain Call 2013Short Comedy (Digital)Jon Collicott and Glendon McKinney
Get Baked or Die Hard2013Short Comedy (Digital)Fernhill Films
Alone2013Short Drama (Digital)Brock Torunski
The Bannisters2013Short DramaRed Leaf Productions
Sorry I Love You 2007Short Drama (Super 16mm)Joel Malliet
A Song for the Home Front 2007Short Drama (16mm)Dark Blue Horizons
Anthony Flower - The Life and Art of a Country Painter 2007Short Documentary (Digital/Super 8)Dark Blue Horizons
The Perfect Cliché2007Short Drama (Digital)Britany Sparrow
Temple Of The Sapphire Moon2007Short Comedy (Digital)Colin A. Smart
Eaux troubles du crime2007TV SeriesRed Letter Films
The Amazing Adventures of Captain Awesome2007Short Comedy (16mm)UNB English 3999 / NB Film Co-op
The Perfect Cliche2007Short Drama (Digital)Britany Sparrow/Sparrowhock Productions
Waiting for Myra 2007Short Drama (16mm)Timeline Pictures
Abort2007Short Drama (Digital)Denis Theriault
Stuck2007Feature Film (35mm)Amicus Entertainment and Grana Productions
Temple of the Sapphire Moon2007Short Comedy (Digital)
Song for the Home Front 2006Short Drama (Super 16mm)Dark Blue Horizens
Canada Russia 722006Television SeriesBarry Dunn
Illusions of A Thirsty Mind 2006Experimenal Short (16mm)Chris Giles
Eden2006Music Video (DigitalFat Chance Records
The Sum of Us2006Short Drama (16mm)Tim McDonough
we two boys together clinging 2006Short Experimental (Film)Glendon McKinney
Canada Russia '722006CBC Short Drama (HD)Dream Street Pictures
They Didn’t Make It2006Feature Drama (Digital)Joel Thompson
Bathroom Stalled2006Short Comedy (16mm)
Simon Hunter2006Short Drama
Under the Elm Trees2006Documentary (16mm & Super 8)Timeline Skateboarding
Seeds2006Short DramaJeff Combs
They Didn't Make It2006Feature Drama (Digital)Joel Thompson
16042000CBC Short Drama (HD)Radiocanada
Pen Pals2004Short Drama (Digital)Tanya Swinimar
Blowies2004Short Comedy (16mm)Brian Carty
Infinity Land2016Short Film (Digital)Jared Carney
Green Light2016Short Drama (Digital)Yellowwood Pictures
City on Fire2016Documentary (Digital)Steve Foster
Sucker Fish2016Short Film (Digital)Britany Sparrow
March 2.42016Short DramaRebel Femme Productions
Lady Eternal2016Steam Powered Studios
Anonymous Zombie2016Feature Drama (Digital)Richard Macqueen Productions
Knots and Prods 2016Short Drama (Digital)Ashley Phinney
Chiaroscuro2016Short Comedy (Digital)Frictive Pictures
BABES: The Webseries 2016Web CommercialVictoria Clowater
Babes: A Web Series2016AJ Ripley & Victoria Clowater
The Beautifully Drowned2016Short Drama (HD)Frictive Pictures
BABES:The Webseries 2016Web CommercialVictoria Clowater
Anchor Lost2016Fonya Irvine
Anchor Lost 2016Short DramaFonya Irving
Mancave (48 Hour FilmFest) 2016Short Horror (Digital)Team Human Capitol on Union st
Mnemosyne2016Short Drama
Amazing Race Canada (St.John) 2016TV Series---
Babes2016Television SeriesAJ Ripley
Snowflake2016Experimenal Short (16mm)
The Window2016Short Film (Digital)Stephen McKinnon/Rocklyn warren
Frozen Trade2016Short DramaJeffrey Kelley
Woman2016Experimenal Short (16mm)Sony/ Rodolfo Loyola
Black and White and Dead All Over2016Short Comedy (Digital)Alex Brewer
FIVE2016Feature Drama (Digital)Ian Estey
Dominion2016Feature (35mm)Steven Bernstein
Glitter2017Short Drama (HD)SteamPowered Studios
Pets Life TV2017Educational Video (Digital)Price Studios
Friend Zone2017Short Film (Digital)Britany Sparrow
Roles2017Short Drama (HD)Ty Giffin
Growing Younger2017Short Film (Digital)Britany Sparrow
Headline Heroes2017Short DramaRob Parsons
My Husband's Jump2017Short Drama (HD)Frictive Pictures
The Gatekeeper2017Short DramaJeffrey Kelley
Side Of The Road2017Short Drama (HD)Nancy Lynch
Infinity Land2017Short DramaJared Carney
Duck Duck Noose2017Short Comedy (Digital)John David Thornton
Broken Window2017Short Drama (HD)Stephen McKinnon
Nativia2017Short Comedy (HD)NBFC
Sister's Dirge2017Short Drama (HD)Ty Giffin
The Window2017Short Film (Digital)Stephen McKinnon/Rocklyn warren
Beerocracy2017Documentary (Digital)SarCatStic Media Inc.
Eagle and the Crow2017Short Experimental (Film)NB Film Co-op
Drunk History: Latinoamerica2017Television Series (HD)Comedy Central
Cabby2017Short Drama (Digital)Steam Powered Studios
Side of the Road2017Short Drama (Digital)Nancy Lynch
The Man Who Loved Flowers2015Short DramaJared Carney
Reboot: Rebuild2015Documentary (Digital)Ian Estey
Edge of The Line2015TV Show (Digital)Letem Laugh Productions
Stonewalled2015Short Drama (HD)Fonya Irvine
In Search of Laura Fearne2015Lisa Jodoin/Tracey Lavigne
Chokehold2015Frictive Pictures
In Search of Laura Fearn2015Short Drama (Digital)Lisa Jodoin
CoEd2015Short Comedy (HD)
Co-Ed2015Short Comedy (HD)Gordon Mihan/Britany Sparrow
Edge of the Line2015TV SeriesRob Parsons
Wendy & Wanda (Feature Film)2015Feature Film (RED)Gary Fontaine
My Younger Older Sister2015Short Drama
Five2015Feature Drama (Digital)Groove Hill Studio
Here Without You2014Short Drama (HD)Britany Sparrow
La gang des hors-de-la-loi2014Feature Drama (Digital)Connections Production Inc.
Gary2014Short Horror (Digital)Jon Brenan/Britany Sparrow
Pop2014Short Drama (HD)Ryan O'Toole/Jillian Acreman
Waiting2014Short Horror (Digital)Jared Carney
As the Crow Cries2014Fonya Irvine
Tracing Blood2014Lisa Jodoin/Tracey Lavigne
Homeless2013 - 2017Short Experimental (Film)Industrial Parks
A Short Dialect Film: Fogo Island, Newfoundland2013 - 2017Short Doc (Digital)Paul De Decker
Trekkit TV2013 - 2017TV SeriesRyan Groom
Friendzone2018Short Film (Digital)
Eucatastrophe2018Short Experimental (Film)
The Amazing Race Canada2018Television Series (HD)
Small Town Danger2018Tony Merzetti
NB Nurses Union Commercial2018TV Commercial
Sister's Dirge2018Short Drama (HD)Ty Giffin
Coached2018Short Film (Digital)Strike Pictures
Letters from the Dead2018Short Film (Digital)Strike Pictures
Side of the Road2018Short Film (Digital)Nancy Lynch
where you were born2018Short Film (Digital)Frictive Pictures
Mnemosyne2018Short Drama (HD)Tracey Lavigne
Containment2012-2013Short Drama (Digital)Fernhill Films
Mental Health Advocacy Commercial2019TV CommercialMcQuinn Media
Born to Read Literacy Commercial2019Web CommercialOutreach Productions
Flora Animated Series for Children2019Educational Video (Digital)GNB Education Department
Leaving2019Short Drama
Reprobate Road2019
At The Back2019Short Drama (HD)
Spring Time2019Short Drama (Digital)Eager Frog Productions
Queen of the Andes2019Feature (HDSLR)
Moving On2019Short Drama
Anthropocene2019Short Experimental (Film)NBFC
Sexual Violence Awareness Campaign2019TV CommercialHemmings House Pictures
Hudson and Rex2019Television Series (HD)Pope Productions
It's OK to be Awesome Pilot Episode2019TV SeriesHemmings House Pictures
Battalion 609 2019Feature (35mm)Naraindas Lalwani
RBC Insurance Training Videos2019Educational Video (Digital)Hemmings House Pictures
Cat murder mystery 2019Short Comedy (Digital)Kaitlyn Adair
Blueberries & Cranberries Commercial2019TV CommercialOutreach Productions
After the War2019Short Drama (Digital)Brenda Malley
Horizon Health Recruitment Campaign2019TV CommercialBrainworks Marketing
Digi-dating, Anyone?2020Short Comedy (Digital)Malley Films
Total films: 251