Documentary 101 - How to Make Sure Your Doc is Interesting and Serves a Purpose

Intro - Theory
Saturday, March 6, 2021 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm
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Alex Vietinghoff
NB Film Co-op
New Brunswick
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(Film Co-op Members are required to take at least one intro documentary course before they can direct their own projects through the Film Co-op)

In this introductory class, Alex will cover the fundamentals of what makes for an interesting documentary; characters, and story. Alex will also explore the keys to documentary filmmaking - prep, outline, scriptwriting before filming (yes, you can and should even if you haven't interviewed anyone yet!) interview techniques, bias, b-roll, legal issues, as well as answer any questions attendees may have. Making mistakes is part of the learning process, and Alex has made them for you early in his career! Anyone interested in making documentaries, or even those who'd like a refresher or to learn about a more journalistic approach to documentary filmmaking are encouraged to take this workshop.

Instructor's Biography: 
Alex Vietinghoff is an award-winning filmmaker best known for his cinematography, editing, and documentary filmmaking, but is also a professional narrator/voice actor and has been the voice of numerous commercials. Alex graduated from St. Thomas University with a major in journalism and has worked for CBC, Bell TV1’s Trekkit TV, Maritime Spirits, and other notable broadcasters and clients. Alex has created numerous short docs as well as co-created the award-winning feature documentary Beerocracy, which headlined Silver Wave in 2016. Alex works part-time as a Creative Communications Advisor (primarily video and photo) for Horizon Health Network. He is passionate about craft beer and visual storytelling.
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