Intro - Theory
Sunday, April 14, 2019 - 11:00am to 2:00pm
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Jayne Belliveau
BrainWorks Razor
171 Lutz Street, Suite 105
Moncton , NB
New Brunswick
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This seminar will cover the following: 
·      Pinpointing your core strengths;
·      Choosing a writer and director for local and/or global markets;
·      The pros and cons of optioning vs. designing from the bottom up;
·      Pitching to executives (as it relates to team and content);
·      Pitfalls of development as it relates to story structure.

Instructor's Biography: 
Meg LeFauve was Jayne’s story mentor while studying at UCLA's Department of Film and TV. Meg recently wrote Inside Out for Pixar. The picture has grossed over one billion worldwide to date. She too pivoted from producing into screenwriting and was a fan of Jayne’s design work. Having a producing background helps Ms. Belliveau with market positioning and understanding how to connect with an audience.   Jayne has three projects in development with a top Canadian buyer and world sales agent.   She is writing a screenplay for producer Dominique Seguin (RACE, DALLAS BUYERS CLUB) and Stefano Dammicco (Founder Of Eagle Pictures Spa, Italy – released TOMB RAIDER, MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA, etc. Jayne recently won a writing contract by beating 25 writers including a writer who wrote a project for an A-list star. Jayne script doctored a project entitled Henry Baker that is being helmed by Felipe Mucci. Felipe’s last short film VLADO 15’ was shortlisted for the Student Oscar. The project has received a global buy-out offer from a top US buyer and has a major star attached.   French CBC recently purchased a documentary Jayne co-wrote.   A romantic comedy screenplay she co-wrote, A Brief Case Of Time, has received a seven-digit pre-sale offer and interest from a top US distribution company. The project is based on the hit Off-Broadway Play PR MAN.   ANDREA, another comedic screenplay she wrote, was a finalist at the Sundance Screenwriters' Lab.   She played an integral role in developing the documentary KUNG FU ELLIOT (Winner Slamdance) by New Brunswick filmmakers. The film was released theatrically by top boutique distributors in the US and Canada. Amazon purchased the OTT rights in the US, while Netflix acquired international rights. It won for Best Documentary at the Silver Wave Film Festival.   Jayne has written corporate videos for Denny's Restaurants as well as numerous others and was a consultant for Netflix during their Canadian launch.   Prior to establishing her production company, Beautiful Calf, Belliveau worked as a producer and international project manager at a European Media fund that managed yearly portfolios of $50 to $100 million US dollars. She was involved in films such as Love The Hard Way starring Adrien Brody (Sundance, Berlin) and Bowling for Columbine (Oscar winner, Cannes).   She has also competed nationally and internationally in sailing and is fluent in English, French, and German.
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