Intro - Filmmaking 101 (Set Etiquette)

Intro - Theory
Thursday, April 15, 2021 - 7:00pm to 8:00pm
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Ashley Phinney
NB Film Co-op
New Brunswick
Workshop Description: 

(Film Co-op Members are required to take this Etiquette course before they can do their own projects through the Film Co-op or work on member sets in any role)

Set etiquette establishes the code of acceptable and expected behaviour on a film set. This course for newcomers to the film industry will teach what to expect when you are called to work on a film set and what you are supposed to do when you arrive on set. This workshop will provide you with a vocabulary and details about the chain of command in the film crew. Find out who does what, the behaviour that is expected of you, and how to make sure you make a good impression.

Instructor's Biography: 
Ashley Phinney is a filmmaker with a passion for cinematography. She is an active NB Film Co-op member and has been volunteering and working in the provincial film community for the past few years. Ashley has been involved in outreach projects promoting film and education in the community, including the ‘Cyber Violence Research Project,’ ‘What’s Up Doc?’ and ‘Young Citizens’ programs. During the summer of 2019, Ashley was hired by the NB Film Coop to write and produce the first 360 VR film made through the organization called ‘Spiders on Mars.’ The short film screened at the Silver Wave Film Festival in November as a part of their industry series. Ashley has been nominated for Excellence in Cinematography awards for her work on the award-winning shorts’ Glitter’ (2017), ‘March 2.4’ (2018), and ‘Velle to Want’ (2019). Ashley received the Brian Carty Film Volunteer Recognition Award at the 2019 Silver Wave Film Festival.
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