(Intro - Theory and Hands-on)
Thursday, March 23, 2017 - 6:00pm to 10:00pm
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Tracey Lavigne
NB Film Co-op basement resource centre, Charlotte Street Arts Centre
732 Charlotte Street
Fredericton , NB
New Brunswick
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(Film Co-op Members are required to take this workshop before they direct/produce their own projects through the Film Co-op)

The Production Designer conceives and creates the overall look, mood and style of the film, working in close conjunction with the Director and the DOP. This can mean adapting existing locations to ones purpose, or creating new ones from scratch.

This workshop will look at the stages of practical preparation and production on a film, dealing with restrictions of money, time and resources.

Instructor's Biography: 
Tracey Lavigne is a production designer with several short film credits. She won the Excellence in Art Direction award at the 2015 Silver Wave Film Festival for her work on Lisa Jodoin's "In Search of Laura Fearne", and was nominated in 2014 for "Tracing Blood". She is a serial DIYer with many creative interests, including playing with power tools, hobby farming, music, and filmmaking. Tracey was a recipient of the Jane LeBlanc Filmmaker award in 2016.
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