(Intro – Theory and Hands-on)
Saturday, May 18, 2019 - 10:00am to 6:00pm
Film Co-op Members: 
Class Limit: 
Ashley Phinney & Jared Carney
New Brunswick Film Co-op, basement resource centre
732 Charlotte Street
Fredericton , NB
New Brunswick
Workshop Description: 

(Film Co-op Members are strongly recommended to take at least one hands on course before they direct/produce their own projects through the Film Co-op)

The instructors in this hands on production lab will help the participants create a concept/idea for a 2 minute video. From there, participants will create a short script and become familiar with the technical gear needed.

They will then create a shot list, source actors within the group, props, and close by locations and shoot their film!

The editing and finishing of the project will be done post workshop by Co-op staff.

Instructor's Biography: 
Ashley is a filmmaker and teacher with a passion for cinematography. She has a degree in Media Arts and Cultures (Film Production) from the University of New Brunswick, is an active Film Co-op member and has been volunteering and working in the provincial film community for the past few years. Ashley has been involved in outreach projects promoting film and education in the community including the 'Cyber Violence Research Project,' 'What’s Up Doc?’ and 'Young Citizens’ programs.  Ashley was nominated for Excellence in Cinematography in a NB Short Film for her work on Tracey Lavigne’s award-winning short “Glitter” in 2017. Jared Carney is a writer, director, producer, & production designer with Creeker Films from Fredericton, New Brunswick, and is a graduate of Film Production from the University of New Brunswick. He was a Features Writer for and was awarded a Short Film Venture Grant in 2017. His works include a Stephen King adaptation entitled “The Man Who Loved Flowers” which has screened in Europe & at the World Horror Convention and "Dark and Stormy Night" which has screened at over 15 film festivals worldwide. The horror genre in particular has always piqued his interest and many of his influences stem from both classic and new-age horror cinema. Jared also has professional grip and production assistant experience on commercial shoots with Studio M, WestJet, Outreach Productions, Raynemaker Productions, Vietinghoff Independent Productions, The Amazing Race Canada, and The Food Network.
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