Intro - Theory and Hands-on
Sunday, June 9, 2019 - 11:00am to 5:00pm
Film Co-op Members: 
Class Limit: 
Nick Staples
BrainWorks Razor
171 Lutz Street, Suite 105
Moncton , NB
New Brunswick
Workshop Description: 

(Film Co-op Members are strongly recommended to take at least one hands on course before they direct/produce their own projects through the Film Co-op)

The instructor in this hands on production lab will help the participants create a concept/idea for a 2 minute video. From there, the participants will then create a short script and become familiar with the technical gear needed.

They will then create a shot list, source actors within the group, props, and close by locations and shoot their film!

The instructor will be assisted by technical/creative filmmakers Pierre Cormier and Donovan Richard.

The editing and finishing of the project will be done in the scheduled non-linear picture editing workshop.

Instructor's Biography: 
With a background in photography and a love of art house cinema, Nick brings a magnificent sense of composition to all of his work. The hardest working man in show business, Nick puts so much of himself into his work -- and his creativity is contagious! Pierre belongs to that rare breed that possesses both the spirit of an artist and the hustle of an entrepreneur. After starting his own company, Acadia Bore productions, in 2016, Pierre joined BrainWorks as a full-time videographer and editor in 2018. Donovan Richard is a filmmaker from Moncton New Brunswick who has been creating and working on films for years. The filmmaking inspiration for him started early in the Acadian Peninsula and then continued once he moved to Moncton, where a by chance internet search brought up the NB Film Co-op in 2003. He found his creative home there and has never looked back. His affiliation with the NB Film Co-op has been a continuous learning experience. He has incredible connections with most of the New Brunswick filmmakers and artists as well as ongoing opportunities to volunteer and network on productions which have continued to shape him as a filmmaker. Once Donovan became a more well-rounded creative with enough knowledge and experience under his belt, he started producing and directing his own projects and teaching. Donovan has assisted his fellow filmmakers over the last 15 years to develop their film projects either via producing, mentoring, training or simply just by volunteering on sets in any position that was required. Donovan is past president of the NB Film Co-op, and is currently the French Outreach Liaison for organization. Support for New Brunswick artists is vital to him.