(Intro - Theory and Hands-on)
Wednesday, February 21, 2018 - 6:00pm to 10:00pm
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Gordon Mihan
NB Film Co-op, downstairs resource centre
732 Charlotte Street, Charlotte Street Arts Centre
Fredericton , NB
New Brunswick
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(Film Co-op Members are required to take at least one creative writing/screenwriting course before they direct/produce their own projects through the Film Co-op) 

The first step to making a great short film is to cultivate and perfect the script. This workshop intensive will help you take your scripts to the next level. Whether you’re just curious about screenwriting, seeking to develop your first short film, or looking to further develop your skills as a screenwriter, this intensive will get you down to work and hone your writing abilities.

Instructor's Biography: 
Gordon Mihan is a Fredericton-based screenwriter and film director. His most recent short film Coached was nominated for Best Screenwriting and Best New Brunswick Short at the 2017 Silver Wave Film Festival. He has been an avid participant of the Fredericton 48 Hour Film Competition for the past 8 years Gordon is a member of the NB Film Co-op.
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