(Intermediate - Theory and Hands-on)
Saturday, May 26, 2018 - 11:00am to 5:00pm
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Colleen Pace
NB Film Co-op
732 Charlotte Street, Charlotte Street Arts Centre
Fredericton , NB
New Brunswick
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The professional stunt industry is a highly competitive field in the film world. It is a tightly knit community of professional racecar drivers, world-class martial artists, gymnasts, dancers, circus performers, motocross racers, professional skateboarders and the list goes on. It never hurts to become a Background Performer when you are in stunts. This has multi-faceted benefits. For one, you can use your time wisely and learn how a film set works.

Film and television stunt pro Colleen Pace will give an in-depth day long session on everything to do with being a stunt performer in film and television with a possible special guest surprise!

Instructor's Biography: 
For nearly two decades Colleen Pace has made audiences’ hearts beat a little faster. Colleen has the innate ability to transform herself into the actor/actress she is stunt doubling. The crews onset often can not tell the difference. She is often referred to as a “Chameleon”. Colleen was the Stunt double for Melora Walters in the Mob movie “Wise Girls” staring Mariah Carey. Shooting up a bar and falling to the ground with a gun shot to the chest. Melora was amazed at how Colleen would speak her lines in the same voice tone and move throughout the scene exactly like her. The first episode of Haven needed the main character Emily Rose to nearly plummet to her death in a near fatal car accident, with the vehicle teetering on the edge of a cliff. This precision stunt driving was done by Colleen. Her reputation for stunt driving in previous years gave her the experience and edge to expertly get the job done. From side swiping Jason Priestley and driving through a glass bus shelter in the opening scene of the movie “Sleep Murder”. To narrowly colliding with another car and driving into a ditch doubling Jane Seymour in the movie “Heart of a Stranger”. October is a beautiful time of year with colourful leaves falling, however this is most often the time Colleen gets the stunt call to be a drowning victim in 12-16 celsius water. She has been chained to a leach infested pond in the movie “Plain Truth” staring Mariska Hargitay. Nothing makes one feel more alive, while playing a dead person and being dragged into the woods and left in the bottom of a lake in the movie “Death in Paradise” with Tom Selleck. Stunt doubling for children, boys or girls was one of her niches being only 5ft and 100lbs. Her first stunt was for a boy in the Disney movie “Baileys Mistake” yelling out lines to Linda Hamilton, Colleen’s childhood idol. She has gone through fire doubling a boy yet again in the movie “Saving John Christmas”. Colleen was a stunt actress in the movie “Gracie’s Choice” alongside Kristin Bell getting beat up by a gang of girls in a jail scene. Colleen’s stunt acting ability won her a role in the Emmy award winning movie “Homeless to Harvard”. Taking her lumps being bullied but getting her revenge by putting bleach in her bullies shampoo. Colleen’s experiences in stunts led her to pursue stunt coordinating. Always wanting to learn she will jump on the opportunity to assist in stunt coordinating and even assist in stunt rigging. Certified diver and a well rounded athlete. Colleen can push through challenging stunts and hone in her inner daredevil to master the skillful craft of stunting.
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