Fredericton 48 Hour Film Competition

Fredericton's 48 Hour Film Festival is open to teams of up to 10 people who will write, shoot and edit a film of 7 minutes (or less) in 48 hours. Make art. Reel fast.
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Fredericton's 48 Hour Film Competition challenges local filmmakers to write, shoot, and edit a short film in just 48 hours. In 2020, the competition enters its 13th year of encouraging local filmmakers and film fans to "imagine it, then get it done."

Film Studies at UNB, Frictive Projects, and the New Brunswick Film Co-op invite all participants from across New Brunswick to compete.

The competition begins on a Friday at 5:00pm when the teams pick up their inspiration package of items that must be included in the film. They then have only 48 hours to deliver a finished short film. It is an intense exercise that pushes the filmmakers to their limits with often amazing results. The resulting short films (under 7-minute) have been from a wide variety of genres, including dark comedies, comedies, thrillers, and even a few musicals.

In the first ten years, the 48 Hour Film Competition spurred the creation of over 69 new short films, fostered collaborations, and provided a chance for new filmmakers to test themselves and find an audience. Several of the films have even gone on to be featured in North American film festivals.

This year brings more fun, more competition, and more ways to make films fast. Come join in.


- films must be under 7 minutes
- they must be delivered 48 hours after the team has picked up their inspiration package
- teams can be any size but can only have 10 people registered on the registration form (and eligible for prizes)
- teams are responsible for the safety and well being of their teammates and the locations they are shooting at
- we ask that participants consider themselves ambassadors of the competition and the filmmaking community and respect others
- if any fake gun use or public violence is planned for your shoot, we encourage you to contact the city police and be sure they are warned
- production insurance is the prerogative and responsibility of each team
- keep it simple and have fun!