Christian Arseneault

Christian Arseneault is 27 years old and is a musician; more specifically a percussionist. He is fascinated with the idea of sounds.
As a boy he had difficulty expressing things with words and he was prone to expressing with visuals.
He always loved watching television and gaming. He gets inspired by things that he falls in love with;
which in technically abstractions that leads to the conclusion of what the idea wants to be.
He loves the ideas of obscurity of things that are not too clear to understand at face value.
He has a developing script and he would like to see where these ideas will develop with the help of
the NB filmmakers cooperative. He looks forward in joining and looking at the possibilities of taking part
of a more broad awareness of using readily tools for directing and becoming available for any responsibilities and
being proactive for the upcoming workshops.
As a percussionist he has been assigned a contract with StudioZ production for sounds & recording with
producer, Mike Oz.

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Place of Residence: 
Moncton NB
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