Corena Walby

Corena Walby was born in Moncton but relocated to Fredericton in 2003 to be with her husband’s children. She has a Biology/Geology degree from Mount Allison University and currently works as a Business Manager for Brunswick News. Corena joined the Film Co-op in 2004 and has worked on more than 20 film and video projects since then in the capacity of first assistant director, script supervisor, and production manager, as well as art director.  

Corena has been a co-host for the Silver Wave Film Festival Awards show for the past 4 years, and loves to get dressed up and schmooze with all of the filmmakers and guests.
Corena has been saying for years that she wishes to make her own film, however she claims she is not creative, so we’ll believe it when we see it.  Her specialties include list-making, detail/fact checking, and organizational effectiveness.  Perhaps she will make a film about this someday, who knows.
Corena lives in Marysville with her husband and their fur-babies (MJ, BK and RB) – ask her to see pictures, I’m sure she will show you.  Corena also likes to take lots of ‘selfie’ photos and pictures of food and put them all over Facebook. She’s quirky, that’s for sure.

Film Role(s): 
Project management, computer skills, organization.
Place of Residence: 
Fredericton, NB
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