Dean Aubie

Dean attended UNB, he has a Bachelor of Arts with a major in Multi-Media and minor in Film. Full-time contract worker for his own film business and some of the top film businesses in the Halifax area. Mainly working on producing his own film projects in the off season. Has worked on multiple short films, some of his main film work:

2015 - Wendy & Wanda (Feature Film), cinematographer, editor. Canadian International Film Festival (CIFF) Award of Excellence Winner & Nominated Best Feature Film.
2016 - Movie Mojo (TV pilot), co-writer, producer, director, cinematographer, editor. Optioned by Bell Media.
2017 - Keeing it Real (TV sit-com pilot) writer, director, cinematographer, editor. Currently being pitched.
2018 - Hell’s Angel (Feature Film) writer, producer. In pre-production.

Place of Residence: 
Moncton, NB
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