Glendon McKinney

GLENDON MCKINNEY studied film at York University, but delved into many other disciplines : he practiced Decorative Painting for many years in Toronto and pursued studies in history, design and film. In 2000, he returned to his home province, New Brunswick.
A member of the New Brunswick Filmmaker's Co-Op, he has worked as Production Designer and Costume Designer on numerous independent productions and won two awards for Production Design, as well as Best Drama for his film “They Only Come Out at Night” and Best New Brunswick Comedy for “Curtain Call”. Glendon’s short film "we two boys together clinging" was commissioned and streamed online by the Struts Gallery in Sackville, NB. He was one of the filmmakers chosen for the 2009 Cultural Capitols project with his film "The Apostles of Beauty" depicting the impact on 1882 Fredericton of Oscar Wilde, and his subsequent and influential meeting with writer Charles G. D. Roberts. He has also worked on the documentaries “Sitansisk” and “Anthony Flower - The Life and Work of a Country Painter”.

Production and set design, costume design, props, miniatures, titles.
Place of Residence: 
Fredericton, NB
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