Jon Wilkinson

Jon Wilkinson is a 28 year old actor located in Fredericton, New Brunswick. He is represented by Jim Calarco of North Star Talent, located in North Bay, ON, but is free to work as an independent artist outside of Ontario. He started acting in 2016 with the NB Film Co-Op. Since then, he has worked on various sets as an actor and completed multiple workshops with the Co-Op. He has won best supporting actor at the 2018 Fredericton 48 Hour Film Competition and was nominated for best actor at the 2018 Silver Wave Festival. Jon has a passion for acting and is always interested in pursuing as many acting opportunities as possible. If you are interested in working with him, please e-mail to the address below for a resume and any questions.

Film Role(s): 
- Fluently bilingual in English and French (Canadian) - Excellent with accents (Australian, New Zealand, French (Parisian, Canadian) English (Standard, Posh and Cockney), Irish, American (Standard, Southern, New York, Boston), South African, German, Russian) - Six years experience with the Canadian Armed Forces (Army, Infantry), two years with The Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa (Duke of Edinburgh's Own), four years with The Royal Canadian Regiment (2nd Battalion) - Proficient with firearms (pistols, rifles, assault rifles, machine guns), some explosives (hand grenade, grenade launchers) and various military vehicles (light armored vehicle, military transport trucks, patrol vehicles) - Basic knowledge and skill with hand to hand combat, melee weapons (knives, swords, spears), throwing knives, javelins and bows - Accomplished athlete (american football, track and field, competitive swimming, sprint canoeing, baseball, olympic style weightlifting, soccer and lacrosse) - Proficient guitarist
Place of Residence: 
Fredericton, New Brunswick
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