Parham Mortazavi

My creative journey began as a kid when I moved to a new city in southern Ontario and after having met what would become my first friend in school, who was a fantastic drummer. I always loved music but meeting him was enough to easily convince and guide me to learning bass guitar. Since then the transformation and development of my musical phases has been an exhilarating journey. I'm currently in an electronic, experimental, avant-garde phase of music using a MIDI controller and I try to spend some time working on it on the side. Some of my music can be heard here:

Of course after a while we realize songs are just different kinds of stories emotionally expressed in their own ways, and I caught the movie bug after graduating high school but only fantasized about it and spent time watching good movies instead! I started writing my first short story aiming it to be a novel, and was impressed with how I managed to write in only a couple months. It's still unfinished but it was a long time ago and I'm a bit disappointed I hadn't done much writing since then after all those years...But now as I'm older and wiser! I have begun to start writing stories now for the screen! I also had acting "what ifs" back then and also didn't tip my toes into it either, but now the acting bug is biting again also! So I'm looking forward to working on that and start learning!

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