Tammy Boyer

I have always loved movies! Going to the movie theatre was more than a night out. It was a chance to be swept away into someone else’s life for 2 hours. I wanted to act, to make people laugh. Well, I might not have turned out to be an actress but I certain have made people laugh! I joined the Saint John Theatre Company and that started it all for me. After 10+ years of hard work as a stage manager and dedication as an actor, my leadership skills are impeccable as I have always maintained a healthy, positive attitude with crew and directors appreciate my professionalism and attention to details.

My most recent film is the first episode of a comedy series about the battle between Millennials and Boomers entitled ‘OK Boomer Digi-dating Anyone?’’ where I played Claudia Stevens, the nonsense BFF of the main character. I now have a drive to learn more. Being a member of the NBFilmmaker Co-op has given me the change to be part of this world and I love it! This is just the beginning for me. I am learning from being on set of fantastic productions to the great workshops I have participated in. It is giving me more confident and knowledge that I will use to produce the script I am currently working on. I hope to take the funny characters I have created in my script on many adventures by making a series of their antics. I recently wrote, starred and edited a short 'Give Me A Break" that was shown at the Silverwave Festival. That was so much fun!

I have a passion for learning new things and love making people feel good about themselves. There is no better feeling then watching people laugh and know you did that. Some would say I am a hoot! Being a mother of a 30-year-old and 12-year-old (both on the spectrum), I has many years’ experience in patience and humor.

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Saint John
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