Tracey Noble Taylor

I am an writer, actress and singer by night, and an IT support analyst by day. I am interested in all aspects of film making and am looking forward to working on projects with all of you.

Some of you might have caught me walking by the “Poor bastard” in Reprobate Road, or have seen me sing at McGill’s in Saint John when we were still able to have open mics.

Before life imposed a hiatus on me practicing the performing arts, I was active in the local fandom community (‘90’s) and did cosplay, including special effects make-up, costume creation, and puppetry (including a stripping routine while in a gorilla suit). During that time, I hosted a costume contest, while in character (as a vampire), with former Jim Henson Muppetter and creator of Butch the Cat (my co-host), Terry Angus.

My current personal projects include me attempting to write a couple of screenplays and I am learning about video editing by trying to put together my 1st YouTube video (working title: Hogwarts IT Department COVID-19 Initial Response, link to unedited footage available by request).

Film Role(s): 
Acting; Singing; Writing; Puppetry; Some special effects make-up experience; Have performed in a gorilla suit; IT troubleshooting (current day job); Basic handyman skills; Rudimentary French; Some costuming experience and an ability to hand-sew (repair, cross-stitch, embroidery).
Place of Residence: 
Saint John, NB
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