Guidelines for N.B. Film Co-op Committees and Advisory Groups

WHEREAS: The ongoing operations of the New Brunswick Film Co-op are most efficiently handled when led by Core Staff with the assistance of Committees, Ad Hoc and Advisory Groups, ad-hoc groups;

BE IT RESOLVED THAT: The New Brunswick Filmmakers’ Co-op adopt the following guidelines for the composition and responsibilities for the Co-op’s standing committees and advisory groups.

1. The N.B. Film Co-op will now have the following standing committees and advisory groups:

Standing Committees:
The Production Committee
The Human Resources and Nominations Committee
The Archival Committee

Advisory Groups:
The Public Relations Advisory Group
The Workshops and Training Advisory Group
The Equipment Advisory Group
The Finance and Fundraising Advisory Group
The Events and Festival Advisory Group

At the discretion of the Staff, advisory, ad-hoc groups or committees may be formed to deal with specific issues or projects as they arise.

2. Mandate of Standing Committees, Advisory Groups, and Ad-hoc groups
A) The Standing Committees are to be dissolved and new ones formed each year or second year. Standing Committees are (as needed) to make recommendations to the Core Staff and Board regarding projects, policies, etc.

B) The Advisory or Ad-hoc Groups are formed at the request of the Core Staff, with the objective of providing advice, assistance and expertise on a project-by-project basis. Advisory Groups are dissolved when the task at hand is accomplished. If necessary, they may make recommendations to Staff, or to the Board through the Staff, regarding the project/issue they are working on.

3. Composition
A) Standing Committees will consist of no less than three (3) and no more than five (5) Full Members in good standing of the New Brunswick Filmmakers’ Co-op. Each committee must consist of at least one (1) Board member who will act as the Board Liaison. The Staff and Board Liaison will be charged with the responsibility of organizing meetings and notifying other committee members and any additional staff involved (all meetings must be scheduled through Staff). The Board Liaison or Staff is to facilitate meetings and prepare Committee Reports. The Board Liaison or Staff presents and speaks about the Committee report at the Board meeting. One core staff member will be attached to each Committee as an ex-officio member to provide continuity and advice on Co-op policy, history, etc.

B) Advisory Groups will consist of those members who have the necessary skills as requested by Core Staff.

4. Formation: The Core Staff may appoint members to fill vacancies on committees and advisory groups.

Numbers: Advisory groups do not have a number requirement. Members who volunteer to serve on Committees will be asked to submit a one-page document outlining their interest in and qualifications for the committee, then these applications will be reviewed by Staff to determine the best qualified applicants.

Advisory and ad-hoc groups: Staff will call upon qualified and available members to fill these spots at any time.

5. Operations:
A) Committees will make recommendations to the Core Staff and Board of Directors in matters relevant to their jurisdiction. In the event that consensus on an issue cannot be reached, the committee will vote on the recommendation. A dissenting opinion may be submitted to the Board of Directors. At least three (4) members of the Committee must be present to vote to make an official recommendation to the Board of Directors.

B) Advisory Groups will not make recommendations to the Board. They will instead be requested by Core Staff to operate as working individuals or groups on time based projects with a start and end date under the direction supervision of Core Staff.

6. Notice of Meetings:
A) Notice of formal meetings for Committees must be given at least 48 hours prior to the meeting to everybody involved. In the event that committee meetings occur on a regular schedule. (.eg. third Monday of each month at 7:00 pm) Notice will be implied once all committee members are notified of the regular schedule.

B) Advisory Group meetings will be at the request of the Core Staff or Board depending on the group and their function.

7. Frequency of Meetings:
A) Committees will normally meet at least once a month and report at each Board of Director’s meeting. The report must be submitted in writing by the Board Liaison to the Board of Directors.

B) Advisory Groups will meet at the Request of Staff. The Staff will report on the work done by all Advisory Groups.

8. Scope of Authority: Committees and Advisory Groups are to act in an ‘advisory’ capacity only. They are not empowered to execute contracts or hire or otherwise bind the New Brunswick Filmmakers’ Co-operative to an agreement without the knowledge and consent of the Core Staff and Board of Directors.

9. NB Film Co-op Staff are ex-officio members and are encouraged to be part of all Committee and Advisory Group activities, in their deliberations, and in work undertaken.