Demonic Brilliance Film Festival

Presented by Creeker Films in association with the NB Film Co-op, the Demonic Brilliance Film Festival (DBFF) is a three-day online celebration of horror, showcasing some of the most sinister horror films from around the world and the people who make them. The festival ran in September 11-13, 2020.

The festival loves all things horror, from splatter to slasher, especially films that challenge expectations. They want films that take no prisoners and go all in! If it's a splatter film, we want blood, guts and body fluids! If it's a supernatural story the festival wants spooky atmosphere and amazing production value! Basically, they are looking for horror films that kick ass!

DBFF welcomes filmmakers who understand the importance of good acting, stellar lighting, cinematography, and detailed production design.

Does your film have what it takes to be awarded Best Film at the Demonic Brilliance Film Festival?​