Intro - Theory and Hands-on
Thursday, May 25, 2017 - 6:00pm to 10:00pm
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Jeff Bate Boerop
NB Film Co-op basement resource centre, Charlotte Street Arts Centre
732 Charlotte Street
Fredericton , NB
New Brunswick
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The intention of the workshop is to look at, explore and try out some of the tools an actor can use to develop their craft and hopefully get the part! Focus will be on text analysis character development, the audition process, and cold and prepared readings.

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Jeff has been acting in theatre and films in Fredericton for 22 years. After a stint of a few years in the big city of Toronto where he studied at Equity Showcase Theatre, he returned to Fredericton where he has appeared in TNB’s productions of It’s a Wonderful Life, The Dollar Woman and Noel Coward’s Private Lives. His one-person performance of Marx in Soho did three runs in Fredericton, and was also performed in Toronto at the 2016 Mayworks Festival. In film, Jeff performed the lead roles in Tony Merzetti’s biopics about Fredericton poets Francis Sherman and Bliss Carman. Jeff has indulged in sketch comedy with the troupe The Fiddleheadz, and appeared most recently in Frictive Pictures’ short film Chiaroscuro. Jeff is a graduate of the British-American Drama Academy’s summer program at Oxford, England.
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