(Intro – Theory)
Saturday, April 15, 2017 - 11:00am to 5:00pm
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Donovan Richard
Nova Media Production Services
108 High Street
Moncton , NB
New Brunswick
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(Required Workshop for members who want to direct/produce their own projects through NB Film Co-op)  

Among the most neglected key elements in low-budget films are production design and art direction. That's a problem because production design impacts all aspects of your project. It is the detailed blueprint you follow to make your vision come alive.

Self-taught independents often are so wrapped up in the story and technical stuff they forget about the aesthetics. You don't have to be a production designer to at least put some thought into what the camera is seeing, over and above the action. The Instructor's purpose in the workshop is to encourage you to spend more effort on getting your overall design right without breaking the bank.

Your art department will most likely have the production designer and art director combined in one person, who may also become set decorator and set builder. Do not neglect this part of the project.

The environment where your action takes place has a significant impact on the audience's emotional response. Sure, you don't have a budget for it. But that is no excuse. Production design costs you nothing … if you organize it yourself. Set decoration can be done on a shoestring … if you're clever. It may involve some social engineering to get volunteers to do the work and artful negotiation to get the stuff you need.

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Donovan Richard joined the NB Filmmakers Co-operative in 2003 and worked on multiple projects as a 1st AD, Production Manager, Grip, Sound and Production Designer. Production Design is the position Don prefers doing the most, but he knew that to be proficient in more then one crew role would allow for him to work on more productions and thus get some additional filmmaking experience. Donovan has produced and directed "Dead Flies" (2005), "Rebecca’s Grave" (2007-2008) and "XIII" (2014). Donovan along with producer/writer Dan Thebeau produced the Short Film Venture short "Delivrance" which screened at FICFA, St. Andrews Film Festival and the Silver Wave Film Festival where it won numerous awards and caught the attention of CBC. Donovan then co-produced "The Bannisters" (CBC 3-2-1) which was nominated for and won numerous awards at the 2013 Silver Wave Film Festival. The experiences Donovan has accumulated over the years taking all the different workshops and working on numerous member shoots, has helped him develop a very solid foundation in independent filmmaking. Don hopes to pass along what he has learned to other eager filmmakers who wish to produce film projects in the future.
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